Bespoke Made to Measure Suits –  Dublin & Cork-

The Hunter Treacy Made to Measure Experience

We aim to provide the finest Made to Measure Suits in Dublin, Cork and Ireland.

Our whole philosophy is to bring Made to Measure Suits at more affordable prices without the stuffiness and pretentiousness normally associated with Luxury Clothing. We can make a suit for you, no matter or size or shape.

Our entry level fabric made to measure suits start at €849 for a two piece suit, which still won’t suit everyone’s wallet but our suits are a lot more affordable than most Made to Measure Suits in Dublin & Ireland and most importantly, our suits are fully made to measure to your measurements and specifications in either half canvas or full canvas construction.

We use the finest Italian Fabrics and several Tailors in Italy & Europe  to make our suits, shirts and coats and take over 30 measurements to ensure your new suit is tailored to perfection.

The Tailored Fitting and Fabric Selection

What’s absolutely key with a Made to Measure suit is the ability to be create exactly what you want. The way the shoulder sits, the width of the lapel, the button closure on the pants – the detail you can get to with the Hunter Treacy Made to Measure Suit Experience is unparalled.

We have over 7,000 fabrics to choose from, from typical Worsted Wool to Summer Italian & Irish Linens.

We love suits & tailoring and it’s our passion that sets us apart, we’re a husband & wife team  – not just a sales person trying to turn you into a commission percentage. We won’t pressure you to buy as we want to build long term relationships with our clients.

Custom Made to Measure Suits

Hunter Treacy Tailors will take you on a journey to create your very own luxurious and custom tailor-made suit. No detail will be overlooked.

Our made to measure expert team will go through all the details with you from the fabric lining right down to the jacket pocket which are all made to suit the your style and needs.

Custom made suits by Hunter Treacy give you the opportunity to show off your own personal and creative style because after all, each suit should be as unique as the person who is wearing it!

Our Pricing:

Two Piece Suit from €849

Three Piece Suit from €999

Trousers from €350

Blazers from €650

Shirts from €169

The Made to Measure Suit Process:

Step 1

The Consultation. We will have a call or communicate through emails/Whatsapp to learn more about the suit you want to make. A €50 refundable deposit will be taken to confirm your appointment.

Fabric Choice & Measurements

Once you know what you’re looking for in a suit, you’ll come in to one of our studios. We’ll take you through our fabric selection and take measurements if you find something you like.


We’ll take you through every aspect of your Made to Measure Suit, from the Lapel & Lining to the Leg Opening specification.


Once you’re suit is ready (3-8 weeks depending on your timeline) You’ll come back in to meet us to try on your suit, if adjustments are needed we’ll send them to our Dublin Tailor and then you’ll come and collect it!

Our Made to Measure Suit Process


The first step in the process is to do some research so you know what you’re looking for. Once you do, we recommend booking an appointment. Our Made to Measure Suits start at €849 for a two piece suit cut in our signature style.

Consultation at our Cork Store (Clonakilty) or Dublin Studio


Book an appointment with us and pop into our Cork store or Dublin Studio to speak to one of our specialists who will explain the whole process and gain an understanding of your needs for your little guys dream suit.

Overview of the Process:

The process of getting a Made to Measure Suit is detailed below but to give you a quick overview:

  1. We’ll have an initial call to understand your requirements and speak about your ideas for your suit
  2. Once you’re ready to get started, we’ll meet in our Studio in Dublin 2 or Clonakilty in Cork for an initial consultation (by appointment only in Dublin)
  3. We’ll have a chat to understand your needs and I’ll take you through our extensive selection of fabrics
  4. If you see a fabric you like, we’ll take your measurements, suit specifications and order the suit
  5. Once you’re happy to proceed, you’ll pay for the suit and we’ll rearrange the next fitting
  6. 3-6 Weeks later, your suit will return for the next fitting (Usually the final fitting) Any alterations are done with our Master Tailors in Dublin
  7. You’ll take your suit away for years of enjoyment

Made to Measure Suits

Made to your Exact Measurements from Scratch

Our Made to Measure Suits are made using the finest Italian Fabrics. We have over 4,500 fabrics to choose from and there are endless possibilities in customising your made to measure suit. Customer Satisfaction and that personal touch are what sets us apart.Worsted Wool, Flannels, Linens, Cottons, Silk Blends & More.

Suits start at €749

Made to Measure Shirts

Hundreds of Shirt Fabrics to make the perfect Shirt

Our Made to Measure Shirts are made in Italy by a small, artisan tailor. Each shirt is made by hand to your exact measurements and we have a beautiful range of cotton, denim & linen fabrics to choose from. There are lots of different styles of collar, cuff, placket,darts to choose from. We have every colour and style imaginable.

Shirts start from €169

Made to Measure Overcoats

Luxury Fabric Made to Measure Overcoats

Our Made to Measure Overcoats are the epitome of luxury. Made from Heavy Weight Wool & Cashmere fabrics or water resistant Italian Woven fabrics, our Made to Measure Overcoats will last a lifetime and look absolutely stunning. With lots of options to customise, we’ll make you the perfect overcoat for Autumn/Winter.

Over Coats start at €749