Made to Measure Shirts-

Our Custom Made Shirt Process

Getting the perfectly fitted shirt can be hard, they’re usually too tight around the next or too short in the body –  that’s why Made to Measure Shirts are a great alternative to off the rack – you can specify every detail, including the level of how much of the shirt is handmade.

We offer a specialist made to measure shirt service with hundreds of fabrics to choose from, our custom made shirts start at €179 and are fully Made in Italy.

You get to choose every aspect of your shirt from the cuffs to the shirt length and down to the fine details like stitching style. We offer different levels from A – E in terms of handmade options.

We’ve been told by another Dublin Tailor that our Made to Measure Shirts are the best in Ireland – and that’s quite the complement!


Custom Made to Measure Shirts

Hunter Treacy Tailors will take you on a journey to create your very own luxurious and custom tailor-made shirt. We’ll go through fabrics, shirt options and fit options to ensure we can get your shirt just how you like them.

Our Made to Measure Shirts are excellent quality and take around 4 weeks to make depending on the options you choose.

Custom made shirts by Hunter Treacy give you the opportunity to show off your own personal and creative style because after all, each shirt should be as unique as the person wearing it.

Consultation at our Dublin Studio


Book an appointment with us and pop into our Cork store or Dublin Studio to speak to one of our specialists who will explain the whole process and gain an understanding of your needs for the perfectly fitting shirt.

Tailored Shirt Buying Tips

To dress immaculately is about getting perfectly fitting outfits. Naturally, if this happens to be your first made-to-measure shirt, you certainly could use some buying tips. After all, nobody wants to spend good money on a shirt that doesn’t bring out the best in you. As you consider buying a made-to-measure shirt, consider the following tips from Hunter Treacy Tailors.

Do Your Own Research

Have a look at different shirt images online and this will give you a good idea of what the type of shirt you are looking for when you visit our store. We recommend Instagram & Pinterest to get some ideas.

Allow yourself about 1 hour to order your Tailored Shirt

The process of ordering a made to measure shirt takes about 1 hour in our Cork or Dublin based locations.

We will show you the fabric patterns, the different types of collars, different types of cuffs. You can choose your button colour, and the colour of the button holes. If you want your name or initials embroidered, we can do that too.

When all your choices are made, we will then take body measurements, consulting with you all the time to understand how you like your garments to fit.

This will give us an idea of what type of fitting that you would prefer. Some people prefer slim fitting, while others prefer a more roomy shirting. We will then measure you completely with a tape. You shirt will take approximately 4 weeks to make, we then do a 2nd fitting to ensure you’re happy with the end product.



During your consultation, you’ll peruse our range of fabrics and decide on the cut of the suit you’d like.



In the same consultation, we’ll decide on everything from the gorge of the suit to the cuff on the pants and everything inbetween.



Your suit will then go into production, this takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks for the first iteration of your suit.



When your suit is made, you’ll come back in for your next fitting, this is usually the final fitting but we keep going until the suit is perfect, it can take 2-3 sometimes. It’s at this stage where we fine tune the suit to get it exactly fitting how you want it to.

The Tailored Fitting and Fabric Selection

Our in-store tailors will take your exact measurements to ensure the perfect size, style, and fit for you. It is not just about making it the best suit; it is also about the suit being suited to your individual shape. We will then exhibit our stunning 3,500 fabric selection which you can browse through, showcasing our variety of colours, patterns, and materials from the finest quality Italian fabrics. Once all measurements are confirmed and you have chosen something you really love, then we will take it from there!

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