12 Style Tips for Shorter Men

When it comes to fashion, height shouldn’t be a barrier. We’ve written extensivley on what to watch our for when purchasing a suit if you’re shorter. Here are 12 practical style tips for shorter men that will help you look dapper and visually elongate your silhouette.

1. Embrace Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes create an illusion of height. Opt for shirts, t-shirts, or even blazers with vertical stripes. Ensure the stripes are proportionate to your build – not too broad or too thin. Lighter hues with subtle stripes can be especially flattering. Pinstripe suits and striped shirts will boost your confidence.

Double Breasted Striped Suit

Striped Suit with Loafers

2. Opt for High-Waisted Trousers

Wearing higher-waisted trousers lengthens the leg line. This optical illusion makes you appear taller by making the lower half of your body look longer. Pair these with a well-fitted shirt or t-shirt, and you have a classic, height-enhancing look. In order to ensure that the trousers are high-waisted, opt for custom pants so you can specify them.

3. Monochrome it up

Wearing a monochromatic color scheme creates an uninterrupted vertical line, making you appear taller and slimmer. Whether it’s an all-black ensemble or shades of blue, this trick works wonders. Play with different shades within the same color family for a sophisticated look. Probably, the classic suit for shorter men.

4. Keep It Streamlined

Choose clothing with a slim fit that follows the contours of your body. Too much fabric will overwhelm your frame, while too little will exaggerate its dimensions. Tailoring is your friend. Invest in well-fitted pieces that make you feel sharp. If you’re a little on the larger side, opt for a fit that fits your frame – don’t wear skinny pants if you’re a chunky monkey.

5. Mind the Details

  • Lapel Width on blazers balance your proportions. Too small or too big & you’ll look out of step.
  • Opt for slim-profile shoes with a slightly elevated heel to give you a bit of a lift.
  • Make sure your ties are proportionate in width and length to your body. If you’re shorter, a slimmer tie can help you look a bit taller.
  • Choose belts that are slim and in a color similar to your trousers.
  • Hem your trousers so that they have little to no break. A lot of break on your pants if you’re short is an absolute no no – go shorter to be on the safe. side.

6. Leverage Layers

Layering adds dimension to your outfit. Opt for a v-neck sweater over a shirt and throw a blazer on top. The v-neck creates a vertical impression, and the layers give depth without bulk. Make sure each layer is streamlined and not too bulky.

7. Harness Accessory Proportions

Opt for smaller, streamlined accessories. A modestly-sized watch, a slim wallet, and a narrow tie clip can make a difference. Avoid large, bulky items that can dwarf your frame. Even your glasses frames should be in proportion to your face.

8. Break the Monotony with Textures

Incorporate different textures to break the monotony of a monochromatic look. A cable-knit sweater or a subtly patterned shirt adds interest without compromising the elongating effect of a single color. Textures add complexity to your look without the need for multiple colors.

9. Perfect Length Matters

Ensure your clothes are the right length:

  • Shirts should not go beyond your hips.
  • Blazers should end at the hips.
  • Trousers should have a slight or no break.
  • Sleeves should end just past the wrist bone.

You benefit a lot from the perfect fitting of made to measure clothing. So, you know, maybe Hunter Treacy Tailors is a good way of boosting your style.

10. Utilize Smart Footwear Choices

Select footwear that is sleek and elongated. Boots with a slight heel, for instance, can add height. The footwear color should ideally match your trousers to maintain an unbroken line. Opt for shoes with a slightly pointed toe to elongate your appearance.

11. Master the Tuck

Tucking in your shirt can make a big difference. It not only makes you look neat but also creates a distinct upper and lower body division, which helps in giving an impression of height. Experiment with a partial tuck for a more casual, yet polished look.

12. Confidence is Key

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, wear your attire with confidence. Standing tall with your shoulders back and head up goes a long way in improving your overall presence. Your confidence is the best outfit you can wear.


What style is best for short men?

A style that includes vertical lines, monochromatic color schemes, slim fit clothing, and proportionate accessories is best for short men.

Can short men be stylish?

Absolutely! Short men can be incredibly stylish by choosing the right fits, colors, and proportions in their clothing.

How can a short guy look attractive?

A short guy can look attractive by wearing well-fitted clothes, opting for vertical lines, using monochromatic colors, and carrying himself with confidence.

What shirts look good on short guys?

Shirts with vertical stripes, solid colors, and a slim fit look good on short guys. The shirt length should also be proportionate, not going beyond the hips.

What kind of jackets should short men wear?

Short men should opt for jackets with a shorter length that ends at the hips and with narrow lapels. A well-tailored blazer or a sleek leather jacket can be flattering.

Should short men wear high-waisted trousers?

Yes, high-waisted trousers can make short men appear taller by visually elongating the legs.

What kind of shoes add height for short men?

Shoes with a slight heel, such as boots or loafers with a thicker sole, can add height. A pointed toe also helps elongate the appearance.

How should short men wear accessories?

Short men should choose streamlined, proportionate accessories like slim watches, narrow ties, and small belt buckles.

Can short men wear double-breasted suits?

It’s best for short men to avoid double-breasted suits as they can make the torso look boxy. Single-breasted suits are more elongating and flattering.


Being stylish isn’t just for the towering giants among us. With these 12 style tips, shorter men can look impeccable and exude confidence. It’s all about choosing the right fit, colors, patterns, and proportions. The ultimate accessory, though, is your confidence. Wear it well.