Forest Green Flannel Suit – Made to Measure Suit Fabric

This beautiful, rich, textured Forest Green Flannel is one of our most popular fabrics for both Wedding Suits & Blazers/Sports Coats. It’s a lovely year round weight at 270 GSM and has beautiful depth that few fabrics do. It’s made by Vitale Barbers Canonico  and as we buy this fabric by the roll, it’s always available and we can offer excellent prices on what is a premium fabric.

A two piece suit starts at €999 in this fabric and a three piece starts at €1,249. There are factors affecting the final price such as clients size, the construction of the suit (half canvas/full canvas) and when you need the suit for.

A forest green suit is a very versatile colour as you can wear it as a formal wedding suit, or break it up with a casual pair of beige chinos to dress down the ensemble for day two of a wedding or to wear to events.

This is one of our favourite fabrics for our made to measure suits. If you would like to make an appointment to get a suit made, you can book one here.