Tan and Grey Washed Canvas & Genuine Leather Mens Backpack


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Tan and Grey Canvas Mens Backpack

A beautiful robust backpack for men that has all the room that will be needed – this backpack has a huge amount of space in it and it’s really comfortable to wear also. It’s a very tidy backpack that happens to look great too – win win! The handy front pocket is perfect for keeping a notebook and pen separate for quick access.

The bag secures with a flap enclosure that fastens with strong side release buckles. The adjustable shoulder straps on the back ensures your comfort.

The spacious lined interior has a padded spot for your laptop to keep it safe and secure. Additional built-in compartments for your credit cards, phone, pens, etc. are also included.

Bag is crafted with durable materials such as cotton canvas, genuine leather, YKK zippers, and metal accents.


  • Waterproof waxed canvas
  • Genuine cow leather
  • Cotton lining

Length: 31cm
Height: 45cm
Width: 13cm

Holds up to 15,6″ (38,5×26,5×2,5 cm) laptops.



At Manly Stuff, we sell leather and canvas backpacks. Canvas backpacks are smaller, lighter and very practical, whereas leather backpacks are for the discerning man who wants something special.

All of our leather backpacks are made from 100% genuine cowhide or waxed canvas. We mostly use highly treated leathers because of their smooth and uniform appearances as well as the good protection they offer against different weather conditions.


Leather and canvas should not be treated or maintained in the same fashion. Please refer to the cleaning and maintenance advice given below.


Canvas is a woven textile fabric made primarily of flax and should be treated the same way as other textile materials.

    • Canvas does not require extra protection from penetrating sprays.
    • Avoid using any kind of chemicals or detergents. Stick to warm water as much as possible.
    • For stains that hot water cannot handle, you can used a little mild detergent mixed with water on a toothbrush to gently brush away the stain.


The more processed the leather on the backpack, the less leather care is necessary. Highly treated leather is often smooth and uniform surface wise.

  • Use a good quality penetrating spray as soon as you receive your bag.
  • Avoid all detergents and chemicals.
  • Avoid exposing leather to too much sunlight or excessive heat for long lengths of time.
  • Untreated leather with dry, dull and rough surfaces will look much better after rubbing on some leather fat. Only use approved leather care products for that purpose.
  • A highly desiccated leather backpack can be freshened up with leather and grease after that.


Each backpack’s dimensions are;

Length: 31cm
Height: 45cm
Width: 13cm

Holds up to 15,6″ (38,5×26,5×2,5 cm) laptops.


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