Magnetic Collar Stays 2″


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Magnetic Collar Stays from Manly Stuff

Wondering how you can keep your collar stiff? Our Magnetic Collar Stays will?do the trick

Made from stainless steel and coming with a set of magnets, these magnetic collar stays are the perfect solution for your dress shirt. Wear with a tie to model the collar or without to keep it looking tidy and slick.

The magnets go inside the shirt, the stays inside the pouches on your dress shirt.


A droopy collar is the quickest way to ruin your look. Us modern gents deserve better than that. This Collar Stays will keep your collar in place.

Lets face it guys, there’s nothing worse than droopy collars. Well there is, but we can’t solve THAT?droopiness, not yet anyway.


Users of heart pace makers should avoid being near magnets. If a neodymium magnet is placed within 30mm of a heart pacemaker – it will stop working! Don’t risk it.
Many Magnets are brittle and may shatter if they are allowed to ‘jump’ together or they jump onto a steel surface, be careful and cover your eyes if this is going to happen
Strong Magnets may affect or interfere with sensitive electronic instruments. Always keep magnets at least 100mm from such devices.
Magnets can destroy information stored on magnetic media such as credit cards, floppy discs and computer hard drives. Keep them at least 50mm away.
Analogue watches, televisions and computer monitors can be permanently damaged by placing magnets near them
Do not use magnets if you are pregnant or?if you have an insulin pump
Remove the Collar Stays?before washing your shirt, it’d just common sense


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