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Your Wedding will be the best day of your life so you’ll want to make sure your Wedding Suit is up to the job and is as special as it should be.

Since we’ve started Hunter Treacy Tailors, we’ve fast become Wedding Suit specialists – our clients appreciate our approach and the fact we were started because of a Wedding Suit fiasco from another hand tailored suit company and the fact we will ensure none of our clients experience the stress we did.

We’re a down to earth small operation based in Dublin. We don’t have a big team, so you don’t need to pay for it. We can provide our fabrics at a much more competitive price than other Wedding Made to Measure Suit Companies. We source and use only the finest quality fabrics and our suits are made using the latest technology to ensure a perfect fit, every time.

Our approach is to meet you first, understand your requirements and help you design the perfect Wedding Suit for your big day.

We then take measurements, show you our available fabrics, talk through the details and answer any Wedding Suit related questions you might have.

We’ll make sure you’re happy with the fabrics and styles and once everything is confirmed, you’ll be on your way. We’ll follow up with the invoice then once it’s paid, your suit will arrive in 4-8 weeks.

Your Wedding Suit is a representation of your personality & style and should be something special for your Wedding Day

Wedding Suits Ireland

hrWe aim to be the Number 1 provider of Made to Measure Wedding Suits in Ireland

What makes our Wedding Suits Different:

The beginning

The Beginning of Hunter Treacy Tailors starts back in 2018 when the founder, Seán Treacy, was getting hitched! He had planned to get a Tailored Suit made for his big day and went to a company offering Hand Tailored Suits in Dublin. Unfortunately, the company turned out to be fraudulent and never delivered the suit leaving Seán with two weeks to come up with an alternative. Thankfully, he was able to create the suit he wanted from high street shops but he didn’t want his negative experience to ever be replicated for any man again so after two years of research, he launched Hunter Treacy Tailors.

Searching our style

It took over 12 months to find partners that Seán was happy to work with and he found the perfect company specialising in Italian fabrics and manufacturing methods. Seán made an investment in this Italian suit company to make sure their interests were aligned and after running a pilot program where he offered existing customers suits at cost price, he was happy to launch the Hunter Treacy Tailor Made to Measure Garment offering knowing that the quality of the fabrics and manufacturing were among the best in the world for the price point Seán wanted to sell the suits at.

Ivory White Wedding Tuxedo

What we offer

So at Hunter Treacy Tailors, we offer bespoke suits with flair, pizazz and millimetre perfect measurements. We always encourage our clients to let their creative juices flow – if you want a dull Navy suit – you can get these anywhere, if you want to create a thing of beauty, then come to Hunter Treacy Tailors.

We draw inspiration from Italy and all of our suits are made in the Italian style – big lapels, fitted trousers and slightly shorter jackets (if desired, of course).

What we truly offer though is a friendly place to come and chat, to discuss mens wear and mens style and as we develop and expand, we will offer a truly unique experience in Dublin.

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